Are you looking for some new adventures for your next holidays? Perhaps it is time you looked closer to home for some great outdoor activities. No need to hassle with airports or hours of travel when some of the best adventures may be on your doorstep, especially if you live in the UK.   Even […]

Havana should be on everyones bucket list of places to go. It is notorious to be the centre and hub of commotion as well as being the much-loved capital. With over two million inhabitants you will find people here that merge together various cultures and languages, locals are friendly and keen to share their gem […]

Spain is certainly one of the best holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. Apart from the sandy beaches that make a major attraction for most tourists, this ancient country offers travellers more to explore. Tourists can enjoy several things such as sightseeing and lively festivals. Hiring a car is the perfect way to experience the real […]

Are you planning for your next vacation? After beating yourself up at work and being exposed to the chaos of your daily life, it’s a great idea to take a break and unwind some place far off your usual destinations. The Alps continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. […]

Mexico is a great country that is known for having rich history and unique culture. It is based in Latin America, wherein it receives good amount of tourists. This place gives you huge opportunities to explore several ancient historical landmarks or simply indulge in water sports over the Pacific Ocean. Mexico is blessed with several […]

Maafushivaru – A Suspended Delight For as long as I can remember the Maldives has been number one on my travel bucket list and when I got an invite to realize that dream I jumped on the chance. Maafushivaru – A Floating Dream My excitement was palpable as I sat on my flight from Singapore […]

Shinjuku, one of the biggest cities in Tokyo, is packed with restaurants and activities for anybody visiting there. After sunset is no exception. Here are top 5 things to do at night in Shinjuku.   Start off the adventure with Kabuki-Cho Kabuki-Cho is the red-light district in Shinjuku, but it’s rapidly changing into one of […]

Delight in one of Europe’s most fairy tale cities as you explore Prague’s magical Old Town, take in the breathtaking views from the iconic Charles Bridge, and sample some of the beers in world. If you want to learn more then visit