Are you looking for some new adventures for your next holidays? Perhaps it is time you looked closer to home for some great outdoor activities. No need to hassle with airports or hours of travel when some of the best adventures may be on your doorstep, especially if you live in the UK.


Even if you don’t own a car, it is easy to get around Britain with various forms of public transport.There are plenty of options for adventures and for outdoor activities in the UK. Some other advantages for doing activities in Britain include expert instructors as well the required high levels preparation and safety required for any business.


  1. Learn to Scuba Dive with some of Britain’s great clubs and start to explore a new world underwater. The advantages of learning in the UK are well organized clubs, great instructors, high standard of equipment and organized outings. Sometimes you will start your course in warm swimming pools but you quickly graduate to open sea where you can explore the underwater environment with plentiful ship wrecks hiding offshore under the waves. Once you have gained an international level of competence you can then explore other world dive areas with confidence.


  1. Outdoor Shooting of clay birds (instead of real ones) can be a fun way to gain skills and have an enjoyable time in the countryside. Clay bird shooting is when you stand with your gun ready, prompt the release of a clay target from a powerful machine, follow its flight through the air, fire and hopefully hit it in full flight. There are plenty of willing enthusiasts to give instruction on how to handle guns and how to aim high. You get to spend the evenings experiencing camaraderie with fellow shooters then get to practice again the following day in fresh open air. Who knows? You may love the sport take so much, you set your sights on the Olympics!


  1. Paragliding and Hang Gliding are similar sports, the former with an unfolding wing, the latter with a rigid wing, both giving you the opportunity to fly your glider in many areas throughout the UK and the world. You can learn to soar along dynamic coastal breezes or catch a thermal up draught from flying sites further inland. Experienced instructors will show you all the piloting techniques before you leave the ground, then utilise radios or keep contact by manual signals while you glide the airwaves. If the thought of going it alone is too much in the beginning, you may be able to take a tandem flight first with an experienced instructor pilot where you can sit back and enjoy the view.


  1. Equestrian Sports are well established and renowned in Britain. Anyone can learn to ride a horse at any age or learn new skills and methods concerning horses. You can take a relaxing horse trek in many parts of the country, learn a new riding discipline or style and even learn to drive a carriage. Carriage driving is something new for most horse riders and the thrill of learning to negotiate a tricky obstacle course can be fun and quite a challenge. There are even races for various teams of horses.


  1. Canoeing, Rafting, Tubing or enjoying a Punt along a quiet river are some of the great ways to enjoy your time on the water surface and enjoy the outdoors. With good wetsuits you don’t even need to have hot weather to stay warm. Imagine enjoying a paddle in an open canoe with weeping willows and elegant swans for company. There are many places you can hop in and out to explore villages and British countryside.


Many British outdoor centres offer more than one activity so perhaps you can combine a few different experiences on your next holiday. They just might develop into the recreation activities of your future. If you want explore other areas close to Britain, hop across the border to Ireland for some relaxing fun in Dublin.