The problem with half term holidays is that they are only 7 days long so if you want to travel abroad for a traditional 7 night holiday you either have to rush to airport on a busy Friday evening or travel at the weekend.

But then you are faced with extremley high airfares for travelling on a Saturday or Sunday. In some cases you could be paying 4 times the usual price of the holiday. Another pitfall with travelling on a Sunday is that little johnny has school Monday morning and you ran the risk of your flight being delayed and these days schools frown upon parents taking their children out during school term time and in some cases you could be liable for a fine for doing so. Which means the money you saved on the holiday you could be paying in fines, not ideal!

Now heres the thing, if your travelling to Europe or to the Mediterranean why stick to a traditional 7 night holiday these days you can get daily low cost flights, which means you could get a beach holiday for 4, 5 or 6 nights. Although a few hotels have a minumum stay of 7 nights to get the best price most have a minimum of 3 nights. It can also be great value for money getting a 4 to 6 night break than a 7 night holiday that departs and returns on a weekend.

Below is a list of leading UK Travel Agents and Tour operators that specialise in odd duration holidays over half term school holidays:~




 A1Travel – Find some fantastic deals on holidays to Tenerife, Mainland Spain, Greece & Turkey. We found they offer very competitive prices and are one of the few online travel agents in the UK that do not charge a booking fee for using a credit or debit card. Visit A1travel

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Lowcostholidays –  Being one of the fastest growing UK travel companies you can be assured of huge choice and some fantastic family holiday bargains. They offer a wide range of flexible durations to popular holiday resorts around the world. Visit Lowcostholidays


EasyJet holidays – Match up low cost flights to over 30000 hotels around Europe. Easyjet fly to most of Europes popular beach destinations and offer daily services from many regional UK airports.Their user friendly website makes booking a holiday a breeze Visit Easyjetholidays