Shinjuku, one of the biggest cities in Tokyo, is packed with restaurants and activities for anybody visiting there. After sunset is no exception. Here are top 5 things to do at night in Shinjuku.


Start off the adventure with Kabuki-Cho

Kabuki-Cho is the red-light district in Shinjuku, but it’s rapidly changing into one of the most popular and safe places to enjoy the city. Easily accessible from JR Shinjuku Station, you can stroll around and enjoy the neon-lit streets, hop in and out of various eateries, and look for kawaii souvenirs to take home.

Stop Over to Godzilla Head

The life-size head of Godzilla towers over a hotel balcony on the 8th floor of Hotel Gracery in Kabuki-Cho. At night time, the monster’s eyes glow, and its iconic roar will echo through the city. You can pay a visit for free with a drink at the café bar on the same floor.


Get Your Mind Blown at Robot Restaurant

Go to Robot Restaurant and enjoy a 90-minute dance of pure madness. A group of girls and robots will dance, sing, and even battle right in front of you to blazing music. The show comes with a free meal and drink, it’s a cold bento meal. Don’t expect to get full and simply enjoy the show.


Make some friends in Golden Gai

Golden Gai, a small block full of bars and restaurants, is a highly popular place to bar-hop in Shinjuku. The old warm atmosphere of the small bars will make any wallflower make friends with the regulars.


Finish your night out with delicious ramen

It’s Japanese tradition to finish off a night of sake and beer with a bowl of ramen. Shinjuku, being a city that never sleeps, offers the best places for ramen even after midnight. Satisfy your cravings with a comfortable bowl of ramen, and call it a night.

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