It’s that time of the year again! The Alps are covered in white fluffy snow and all your friends are talking about how great it was to glide down the slopes at maximum speed while the snow was quickly covering their tracks. You know you’d love to leave everything and go, but the schedule at work is too busy and you can’t take any time off. It’s a shame you’ll miss the ski season.

Or will you? It may take a bit of planning, but you still can catch a bit of a break and go have some fun on your favorite slopes in the world. How’s that? It’s called a weekend break and it lasts exactly as it says, one weekend, but it will provide you with enough energy to go for another month. This short break is actually extremely recommended by both human resources specialists and health specialists. In their opinion, a short break from work during which you do something you love, will provide a plethora of benefits for you and the projects you are working on.

So, while it may not be that week-long vacation you wanted, a short ski break during the weekend will get you out of routine and will charge you for what’s to come.



The extra exercise

Even though you are going to the gym regularly, your schedule becomes routine and your muscles will not react the same way they did when you first started. You can always change the exercise routine, but it’s still a gym, with walls and machines.

On the other hand, a quick ski break will bring you the benefit of being outside, in the cold, burning calories to the maximum possible rate. Not to mention the adrenaline rush you’ll get only by thinking about your amazing weekend! All these will make you more productive at work and happier in general.

The break from routine

For a ski fan, there’s nothing more relaxing than a few short ski breaks by iGOSKi! The best part is that in the Alps, there are lots of amazing resorts that know how to deal with a ski lover on the run. They will help you get set quickly so you won’t lose precious time from your skiing weekend adventure.

This is a fantastic way to break from routine and free your mind from deadlines, projects and other pressing matters in life and at work. On the slope it’s just you and the snow, and this relaxes both the eye and the mind.

A joy for the eyes

The Alps are so popular because they offer two important things: lots of places to ski and amazing landscapes that charm the eyes and the soul. Such beauty is the perfect way to charge your batteries and load your camera with amazing memories. It may be a short trip, but you can have a taste from everything and, most important, you’ll be having lots of fun.

At the end of the day, even if a weekend trip may seem difficult to organize and tiring, you will not regret the decision of taking a break. Even more, such breaks can be taken any time during the year as the Alps have lots of fun activities to offer regardless of season.