Now a day’s traveling is gaining popularity each day. Now people are stepping outside their country to visit the wonders around the world. Not only the continents of Europe and America and Africa are becoming popular, but a large number of tourists from around the globe also visit Asia. Indonesia as an Asian country is a favorite tourist attraction. Here is a short description of places, which a tourist must visit when he or she comes to Indonesia.

Indonesia or the republic of Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. This country comprises more than 17,000 islands and 33 provinces. Indonesia is a republican country with a population of 238 million, which has its capital in Jakarta. Neighbors like Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia surround it.

As this country is a peculiar one; which consists of thousands of islands, several cultures from outside like Hinduism, Buddhism and Islamic had intruded this country in various phases. In the island of Sumatra around the strategic Strait of Malacca, there was the famous sprawling kingdom of Srivijaya once. Like this in Java, the intrusion of Buddhism had given birth to a large Buddhist culture whose signs still can be seen today as Stupa of Barabudor. Later Muslims invaded the country in 8th or 9th century and conquered the Hindu kingdoms there. When Marco polo visited Indonesia in 13th century, he found that there was a Muslim empire already established. Now Indonesia is the world’s largest Islamic nation.

With sunny beaches of golden sands, lush green rain forests (home of rich flora and fauna), the Republic of Indonesia, mainly a tropical country is a tourist’s delight. Tourist can visit places like the capital city of Jakarta, beach resorts of Bali and Lombok, and wonderful islands of Java, Somatra and kalimantan.

Jakarta is the largest city of Indonesia. It has every modern facility a tourist can ask for. Moreover, it has a rich cultural heritage also. The big 137meter tall national monument with a flame of 35kg of gold on the top, the Istiqlal mosque which is second largest in the world, orchid garden etc are main attractions of the city.

Although Bali and Lombok are two islands famous for their beaches still these have indigenous culture and history of their own. There are historical sites in the form of holy temple complexes in both islands. Tourists can visit places like Sanur beach, Kuta beach, Nusa Dua resort, Menjangan Island, Klungkun and Denpasar (the capital) of Bali. The places like Gili Island, Kuta resort, Senggigi beach, museum of Negeri Nusa Tengarra Barat, temple complex of Pura Lingsar, volcano of Rinjani etc are main attractions of Lombok.

Now, the island of Java is famous for the Stupa of Barobudur, which is mentioned earlier. Moreover, tourist can visit historical city like Yogyakarta near Barobudor. Tourists can visit places like city of Medan (capital of Soumatra), Berastagi, beautiful lake of Toba, and Lake of Danau Ranau in Soumatra. Besides, places like Derawan Island and several national parks including Kutai in Bontang, Gunning Palun etc are main attractions of Kalimantan or former Borneo.

Obviously visiting places like London, New York or at least Egypt enrich people mentally and physically. However, a short visit to countries like Indonesia is guaranteed to be worth of a limited budget tour.

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